• Damyanov VNYRD Melnik 2018

This wine is a pure expression of Broad leaved Melnik, harmonious and well-balanced. This Melnik wine is produced solely from grapes from the Damyanov Zadlak vineyard in the Struma Valley. It aged only in steel tanks, so no oak at all, in order to preserve the natural fruity characteristics of the ancient and very rare Broad Leaved Melnik vine. 

VNYRD series is named according to the first letters of each family member’s name:

V – Vladimir

N – Nikolina

Y – Yane 

R – Rozalina

D – Damyanov

“VNYRD is also associated with “Vineyard”. The Damyanov’s concider this coincidence as a “sign” that they are destinated to grow vines and produce exceptional wines. “

Tasting notes:

The wine is characterized by a beautiful, transparent garnet color with ruby hues. Intense and distinctive fresh aromas of ripe strawberry, raspberry, cherry, perfume, dried herbs and cinnamon. This wine is dry with natural high acidity, alongside with pleasant delicate fruit and spice on the finish. Light bodied, with low smooth tannins and good flavors concentration, makes it perfectly in balance. Simply delicious wine from the rare Melnik variety.

Food match: pizza, pasta with tomato sauce, cold meat starters, ripe and mid ripe cheese, barbeque, lambs.

  Winemaker: Damyanov family winery

 Region: Struma Valley, PGI Thracian Valley 

  Grape: 100% Melnik (Broad leaved Melnik)

   Vines age: 40 – 45 years old

   Vintage: 2018

  Aging: temp. controlled inox tanks, no oak

  Maturity: ready now  2019-2024

  Closure: cork   

      Alcohol: 13,0%

  Volume: 0,75l

   Server: 16°C

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Damyanov VNYRD Melnik 2018

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