Winemaker Magura winery

The region and the vineyards:

The wine region of Northwest Bulgarian is certified under Appellation PGI Danube Plain. The vineyards are located in small compact areas with same latitude as Burgundy in France. They are situated on the East side of the beautiful slops, surrounded by mountains (west and south) with penetrating fresh winds from the Danube river. Soils are poor, containing sandy-rocks and clay with a typical average yield of 40 hl/ha. Climate is continental with cold winters and hot summers. All those factors express the Terroir in the northwest wine region, characterized by less concentrated and lighter wines, yet with distinguished aromas and flavours.
North-west Bulgaria is economically seen a poor region, with less industry and more nature. Therefore it benefits of tourism since the last decades. Magura winery bears the name of the famous Cave Magurata, located nearby. The so called ‘Bat gallery ‘in the Magura cave, has been utilised during decades for specially selected wines to mature in natural conditions. The constant temperature of 12°C, the darkness and air humidity in the depths of the Bat Gallery, create the best conditions for the natural fermentation. The sparkling wine is produced in the 'traditional method' with maturity for 3 years. In 2008 the winery started growing its own vines in vineyards near the villages of Rayanovtsi and Rabisha including those of the Pinot Gris, Vrachanski Misket, Chardonnay, Riesling and Gamza.


Work in the winery:

The wines are produced with the least technological intervention and bear the distinct flavour and aroma of the region. The Winery is equipped with the wine industry's cutting-edge equipment in compliance with all European standards. The wine matures in high quality French, Bulgarian and American oak barrels, and vinification in Italian wood, which are essential for the whole process of wine production.
Brands under Magura winery are ‘Magura’ from 100% cepages and ‘Trevite’ for its premium class as well from monocepages as blends.
The numerous prizes received at national and international wine fairs and competitions witness the exquisite taste of the wines.