Rumelia winery

The region:

Located some 20 km away of Panagurishte, in the village of Smilets, in the heart of Western- Thracian plain.
The place has been consciously chosen after several studies of the soils, the terroir, the weather conditions and the regional relief, each of them crucial factors to create wines with character.


The vineyards and work:

The sandy clay is lovely for planting Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and the typical Bulgarian variety, Mavrud. Although reds are dominant, they also grow white varieties like Chardonnay and Muscat Ottonel.
All of these varieties grow on Own Vineyards of 54 ha area in total, good for an annual production of 500 000 bottles.
No herbicides and pesticides are used against the weeds. Green crop is used to limit the yield. Grapes are picked by hand and cooled transported in crates where they are selected.
The wine-cellar is equipped after the most advanced technology of production of elite red wine, the style and finesse of which are due to the strict control of the quality of every single lot of grape.
The wine production process starts from a second, manual selection of the grape, throughout the fermentation and maturity in French, American and Bulgarian barrels type barriques 225l. The wine matures in these barrels for one year – categorized as Reserve, like Merul’s wines, or for two years – Grande/Premium RESERVE like Erelia wines, made it in exceptionally in a good year.


The wines which Rumelia winemaker produce are speared in three categories: Merul; Merul Reserve and Erelia. Merul, named after the famous treasury place of Panagurishte, where by the time were hidden Bulgarian’s most valuable golds and treasures.