• Tsarev Brod Pet-Nat Riesling 2019 Brut

About this wine:

The Riesling grapes for this wine were harvested in the middle of September 2019, from own vineyards of Tsarev Brod winery, Danube Plain.

The wine is fermented in small 500 L inox tanks at a low temperature. Before the fermentation finish, it  is bottled where fermentation continues until natural stop. This process of only one fermentation is called 'Pétillant-Naturel' (Pet-Nat). This is the oldest known process of making sparkling wine and is also called "Ancestral Method".

This sparkling wine is made in a completely natural way, without any additives: no sugar and no extra yeast were added - "zero dosage"! Extra-Brut version for maximal refresh. Before releasing it on the market, the wine has been matured for 5 months on its fine lees.

Tasting notes:

Light lemon colour and slightly trouble (unfiltered) . The nose is dominated by notes of white blossom, soft yellow fruit, apple, fresh pineapple, peach, lemon. Medium to light body with notes of cider, ripe apples, white peach and slightly mineral notes .  It has a fine texture in the mouth, pleasant refreshing, due to its high acidity, making it a perfect choose for terrace wine. Nicely balanced between residual sugar and high acidity of this wine notable fruit aftertaste. 

Enjoy it with:  as aperitif, shrimps and crab (in light sauces), oysters, sashimi, sushi, green salads.

   Winemaker: Tsarev Brod winery

  Region: north-east, Danube Plain PGI 

   Grape: 100% Riesling

   Style: Pétillant-Naturel (methode Ancestrale), extra brut (residual suger 6,1 g/l)

   Vintage: 2019

  Fermentation: first in small inox 300 l , further fermented in bottle, only one fermentation.

   Closure: beer crown

    Alcohol: 12,0%

  Volume: 0,75 l

 Serve: 7-9°C

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Tsarev Brod Pet-Nat Riesling 2019 Brut

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