Winetasting at your home or at a location of your choice? Having an unforgettable wine experience with your guests?

Would you like to taste our wine together with friends, family or colleagues? Yes, we can! We from Bulgarian Topwines come at your home or at another location of your choice.

How does it work practically?
To start, you invite at least 6 persons. We provide the good wine, the glasses and some refreshments. Together we share wine experience, the story behind the wines and we do a fascinating conversation about what you are tasting.

We choose the wines based upon what you want to taste. No inspiration ? No problem! We make a wine tasting theme of three white and three red wines, for example the 'wine in the spotlight, "wines from a particular region” or “wines form a particular winemaker from our offer”.

Do you have an idea for a theme ? We'll work this out together and choose the wine according to your theme, so that you and your guests will enjoy a memorable wine experience. We also can define topics ourselves, such as "Thrace, a region with a rich wine history" or "The red wines from Bulgaria" or " Local varieties of Bulgaria '...

This is a example! We make a tailor made offer based upon your wishes. Please, contact us for a  wine taste experience.