Winemaker Villa Yustina

The people behind de wine / The story:

At the end of 2006, Villa Yustina was established and started to process grapes from its own vineyards into terroir wines. The Winery caries the name of the village of Ustina, situated on the outskirts of the Rhodope Mountain’s region of Yakata, about 25 km away from Plovdiv.
Symbol of the winery is the rooster, which according to Bulgarian superstitions protects the lands from bad spirits and diseases. It is believed also that the ancient Thracian capital, Besapara, was located near Ustina. Truth or not, evidence has been found that 3000 years ago Thracians were known as very skilful wine makers.
Challenge for the head winemaker, Vasil Stoyanov, and his team is to accomplish the mission of Villa Yustina: to create quality wines. Vasil Stoyanov was awarded ‘Number One Enologist for 2011’ by the Union of Bulgarian Enologists. He is very known in Bulgarian wine scene for his talent to experiment successfully in winemaking. With him, Villa Yustina is in the right hands!

The region: 

The vineyards are located in Yakata area with southern slope and with an average altitude of 300 meters with a wonderful view to the mountains. The Central Thracian region, where Ustina village is located, has a humid continental climate. Although the area soils are mainly clay - suitable for red varieties, most of Yustina vineyards are actually calcareous - providing excellent conditions for white varieties. So, Villa Yustina is able to achieve excellent balance between solid reds and very attractive and stylish white varieties. The latter is a real challenge in southern Bulgaria, which is famous for its traditionally good red wines.

The vineyards and the work:

In order to ensure the wines’ quality, Villa Yustina takes special care to the vineyards.
The French vineyard leader "Mercier" was selected as consultant. Since 2006 the winery has 25 hectares of own vineyards with Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Traminer, Aligote, Semillon, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Currently the winery planed also indigenous varieties Mavrud and Rubin, where they produce their most successful brand ‘Monogram’ which became a synonym for winemaker Villa Yustina.

Thanks to its close partnership with Tomika-Metal SA, Villa Yustina is one of the most modern wineries in Bulgaria. It is fully equipped with the finest cellar technology of the new generation. The winery has fermenter type "Eureka" and probably the only one tangential filter in Bulgaria. The cellar has decided to do micro-vinification using modern technological means and equipment. There is a possibility for full control of the whole process: It begins from handpicking grapes, sorting with a vibrating trailer, manually sorting, possibility for cold maceration, fermentation in small volumes with excellent process control and various fermentation techniques, according to the different grape varieties.


Range of labels:

Villa Yustina wines are divided in to three lines – VILLA YUSTINA, 4 SEASONS and MONOGRAM.
- VILLA YUSTINA is the line presenting the best of vintage blends or cuvees, designed to find an excellent balance between price and quality.
- 4 SEASONS line shows pure varietal characteristics of their wines and tells you a little bit more about the terroir. Fresh with well-preserved fruity taste. Mostly aged in French or Bulgarian oak barrels for a few months. Here you will find the already gained significant popularity in Bulgaria PinotNoir and also the pure varietal Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon Blanc and Traminer.
- MONOGRAM is the boutique line of carefully selected grapes of Villa Yustina. The wines have matured in French and Bulgarian oak barrels, in limited quantities so that the best of the winemaker can be shown. Here you can find a very interesting blend with Mavrud and Rubin, awarded many times in different world famous wine completions from Belgium to Japan, as well as the very attractive, Chardonnay Barrique.