Winemaker Damyanov

The story and the people behind:

Wine and vineyards have always held a special place in the family history. The story begins with Prokop Marinkov, who created after WW2 a farm, including vineyards, and proved himself as a respected and well-known farmer in the region. With the beginning of the communist regime in Bulgaria and the process of collectivization of the land, his farm was taken away for the benefit of the state.

The farm was again restored after 1991. Yanush Damyanov, the son-in-law of Prokop, played a major role in the restoration of the farm. He was a prominent public figure in the region, posthumously declared an honorary citizen of Strumyani Municipality.

The whole family, led by Vladimir Damyanov, son of Yanush, took part in the subsequent cultivation and development of the vineyards.

The family love towards the vineyards led to the idea of creating a family-operated winery and today, after years of hard work and dedication, this idea has come to life.



Following the philosophy of employing „natural farming“ in the cultivation of the vineyards, they use similar techniques in the winemaking process, ensuring minimal interference in the natural processes of converting the grapes into wine.

All of this, in addition to their love, dedication and patience in all what they do, contributes to quality wines with an unique character and soul, reflecting the spirit of the family values and the specific terroir.