Who we are

Slavi Korchev

Everyone has a story and so do I. My affinity for wine experience made me discover that I have a ‘nose’ for wine. As Bulgarian, I realized that the connection with my country is getting strengthened by its amazing wine culture. My personal goal with "Bulgarian wines" is to be the reference for Bulgarian wines on the Belgian market. Showing more than just a bottle of wine, showing the terroir, the character of Bulgaria, the people behind it and their story.
Nothing to prove, just make sure that my clients enjoy a glass of wine, or maybe two and learn something interesting about it... Because I think "unknown is unloved '.

Wineshop in Ghent

At our store, you can taste and purchase various Bulgarian wines and products.

Our wines are made from high-quality grapes and produced in Bulgaria's most prestigious wine regions, giving them unique flavors and aromas that you won't find anywhere else. Whether you're looking for a crisp white wine, a full-bodied red wine, or a fruity rosé, we have it all.

Feel free to drop by or join a tasting event (click here for more info) and taste the beauty of Bulgarian wine and products for yourself!