Bulgarian Topwines - Newsletter October 2022

Good news !

Bulgarian Top Wines will soon have its own place!

We are busy building a new location, with a tasting room, where we would like to welcome you soon for open tastings or for a theme evening. This in the center of Ghent-Zwijnaarde.

We will also have a shop and wine cellar at this location, so you can order and take your favorite wines with you on site.

We will organize the next tasting at this new location, perhaps November-December, on the occasion of the opening, to which you are most welcome.

We'll keep you informed!

Mavrud Day - 26th October

The International Mavrud Day is an initiative created by the Bulgarian Association of Wine Professionals. Our vision is to establish an annual wine event that contributes to the popularisation of Bulgarian wine and wine tourism on national and international level.

The International Mavrud Day is dedicated to the ancient native to Bulgaria grape variety, Mavrud. The event will include conference which will take place on October 26th, an educational and entertainment program that would span throughout the whole week, with events taking place across numerous places in October 

Why October 26th?

Nearly a century ago, on St. Dimitar’s Day (October 26th), the master of Stanimashka Malaga, Aristi Chorbadzhakov - Chorbadzhaka, began harvesting his vineyard. To this day, his precision in caring for the vineyard, in handling the grapes, and his winemaking serve as an example of quality and appreciation for the craft. Thus we found it appropriate to choose St. Dimitar's Day as a celebration of Bulgarian wine, and specifically Mavrud. According to the folk calendar, St. Dimitar's Day marks the beginning of winter and the colder months. There does not seem to be a more suitable time to share a bottle of red wine with friends and relatives.

Ontdek onze speciale selectie in bundel x6 flessen aan speciale prijs in oktober!

Proefpakket MAVRUD DAY 26/10  Special prij 70,00 euro 

MAVRUD is one of the most beloved and at the same time well-known Bulgarian wine. The species is mainly found in the southern wine regions, better known as the Thracian valley. Since it is a late-ripening grape, this region is best suited for the pleasant, dry autumn periods. The wines of mavrud have many faces: they range from basic wine (understand flexible and accessible) to real toppers, often produced in wood layers with long aging potential.
Proefpakket Topwijnen van Bulgaarse druiven x6  Special price 66,65 euro

The month of October is strongly associated with the Bulgarian wine grape varieties and more specifically with one particular variety - Mavrud and the International Mavrud Day on October 26. Bulgarian wine history is rich and that means that many more interesting grapes can be identified. We have compiled this bundle from only Bulgarian grapes, other than Mavrud. Something for everyone in white and red and in light to full-bodied wines.

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