We visited Chateau Copsa in Rose Valley, Bulgaria

Visiting Chateau Copsa, Rose Valley - december 2019

A castle in the middle of the vineyard, YES! That is also Bulgaria. This modern wine estate exists not long ago, 2005 was their first vintage. Immediately became one of the stars in the Valley of the Roses, - a sub-region in the Thracian Lowlands. The Chateau owns 50 ha of vineyards. Most attention goes to the white varieties, given the climate, location and traditions in the region. The winery is run by the Minkov’s family, based on the strong belief that making wine is an art and a passion!

The modern Chateau exudes tranquility in the midst of the vineyards between the Balkan Mountains and the rose fields. An excellent place for wine tourism with modern accommodation and restaurants.

The "Rose Valley" region - has been known for quality wines for thousands of years. There is tradition in wine making since the Thraciers in 2000 BC, but also later during the Bulgarian Empire with various strategic cities in the region, such as Koprivshtitsa, Kalofer and Troyan.

Stara Planin, which is part of the Balkan Mountains, plays the largest role for the climate and weather in the region, hence in the production of the wines of course.

The warm to sometimes hot summers in the Thracian valley are tempered by the cooling in the evenings from the mountains that are up to 2500 m high. This ensures freshness and balanced ripening of the grapes during the ripening season. The Balkan Mountains go through the middle of Bulgaria and separate North from South Bulgaria. This means that the region has less trouble with the cold disruptions coming from the North in the winter. This results in an ideal spring following good flowering the vines tand strong "fruit set" in juni, confirmed in the quality of the wines.

Style of the wine

The whites are fresh, ripe Citrus fruits, somewhat spicy and mineral. Modern wines for everyday drinking, to some sireous exemplaires with oak ageing. Interesting white varieties such as the local Karlovo Misket, but also the blends are on the top shelf, such as Sauvignon blanc x Chardonnay x Misket.

Sauvignon Blanc is the leader in the region in terms of production, with its own profile that makes it very interesting to discover and enjoy.

The local "Karlovo Misket" - is the discovery for us. There are various regional clones of this variety, but here locals pretend to have the original variety with pinkish skin. This Karlovo Misket has milder aromas, shows more blossoms, dry flowers and ripe stone fruits. Intriguing.

The reds are fruity, some supple and range from everyday wines to seasonal and complex wines that remain accessible to public. Here too, as with white wines, no or medium wood aging.

Remarkably fresh for South Bulgaria, with ripe tannins that are also drunk at a young age, actually an exception style for the Thracian Valley as a whole.

Impressed us made the interesting style of the "Chateau Copsa Rouge", a Bordeaux blend of Merlot with Cabernet Sauvignon - made from a selection of their best Single Vineyards. Quality oak used and precision work.

Another “coupage” is the Stradivarus Rouge - fruitier with a few months of oak barrel ripening. This wine is a composition of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. An original blend with a clear goal for the winemakers.

p.s. ...and YES! You can expect soon the wines of this Chateau Copsa in our store!