Seven-day wine and culture tour Bulgaria by Nouts WijnWereld (28 Sept. - 4 Oct. 2020)

You may already be familiar with the quality of Bulgarian wine. Bulgaria is a fantastic wine country. A country with seven wine regions, a large number of indigenous and international grape varieties.

Dutch wine specialist Rob Nout has developed a seven-day wine and culture tour in cooperation with tour operator Bulgaria Wine Tours. This unique tour focuses on the region around Plovdiv. This is the region where especially the indiginous grape varieties such as Mavrud and Red Misket grow.

During the tour, seven wineries are visited, their wines are tasted, lunches and dinners are served in delightful places and a number of cultural and historical places are visited. Examples of wineries to visit: Karabunar / Via Vinera, Rumelia and Chateau Copsa.

You will stay with an (international) travel group of true wine lovers in an excellent hotel in the city of Plovdiv. The historic and bustling city is a perfect starting point for visiting the various wineries.

The group tour continues with a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve people. The costs vary from 945 to 995 euros per person. All information about the tour can be found on You can download the program there. Do you wish further information? Please contact Rob Nout at