• Kulturna Special Reserva Rakia 0,70 cl

About this Rakia:

The Kulturna Special Reserve rakia is the pride of the master producers from the Karabunar cellar. Distillation is classic and takes place in a Charante cauldron, which is equipped with a rectification column. Maturation takes 8 years in oak barrels. A very limited series is produced every year. The very best Red Misket grapes are selected for it, which variety is also known as the best grape for quality distillates in Bulgaria, apart from wine.  

The aroma of the Cultural Special Reserve is rich. The aftertaste is long, complex, noble and all the notes that are present can be felt most intensely when is't consumed in a wide glass like Malt whiskey or Cognac. Most importantly, do not serve it cold nor chilled, just room temperature.  A very elegant and exclusive product that is suitable for celebrations on various occasions, as well as a gift for true connoisseurs.

The alcohol content is 40% vol.

Kulturna Special Reserva  is available in bottles of 0.70 cl and packed in special box per one.

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Kulturna Special Reserva Rakia 0,70 cl

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