• Trevite Gamza 2021

Trevite Gamza is a result of Magura’s winery idea to show the potential and character of the local varieties in the cooler region of north-west Bulgaria. The region is situated at the same latitude as Burgundy in France. The Gamza grape is the native to this region. Gamza wines are lighter, fraîcheur and with intensive aroma’s. Trevite is the premium series wine of Magura winery.

Our tasting notes
This wine is made from the traditional Bulgarian variety Gamza, that grows almost exclusively in North-West  of Bulgaria. It has light ruby-red colour. The aromas are pronounced, but very tender, with the typical raspberries, cranberry, sour cherry and sweet spice. Perfectly balanced - In the mouth taste of fresh, red forest fruit such as raspberry, strawberry, cranberry , some sweet species and white pepper. Light body with mild tannins and fruity,  juicy with delicate saltiness in the back, and quite a long finish! Simply delicious!

Best with:

soft cheeses Brie, Camembert, Cantal, red meat, cold starters from meat, tapas with olives, burgers, pâté, grilled chicken, tuna fish, mushroom risotto.

   Winemaker: Magura winery

  Region: north-west, Danube Plain PGI 

   Grape: 100% Gamza

   Style: dry, elegant, red fruit

   Vintage: 2020

  Aged: big wood fermentation vats 1000 l 

   Maturity: drink now 

   Closure: cork

    Alcohol: 12,5%

  Volume: 750 ml

 Serve: 14-16°C

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Trevite Gamza 2021

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