• Villa Melnik - Melnik Family Tree 2020

Melnik Family Tree embodies the mission to preserve and revive the unique local varieties and make world-class wines from them.
In this blend, have been gathered the entire Melnik family – Shiroka Melnishka Loza, the ancient endemic variety – the mother – and her modern crosses – her children – Melnik 55, Melnik 1300 Jubilee, Rouen, Melnik 82 and Melnik Rubin.

Melnik Family Tree is a project that aims to show the authenticity of the local Shiroka Melnishka vine variety and its newer cross-varieties. In the 1960s dozens of attempts were made to hybridize the vine with other vines with the goal of extending the ripening period until September, in order to obtain grape varieties with more saturated color, richer flavor and richer aroma, while preserving the unique characteristics of Shiroka Melnishka Loza. Some of these hybrids have become widely known such as Melnik 55, while others are less known and somewhat forgotten.

Vinatge  2019 blend has a base of 30% Shiroka Melnishka Loza (the founder of the family), 25% Melnik 55 – a cross between Shiroka Melnishka and the french Valdigier variety, 25% Melnik 1300 Jubilee – a cross between Shiroka Melnishka and Georgian Saperavi variety, 10% Melnik 82 (Shiroka Melnishka hybridized with French Cabernet Sauvignon, Jurancon, Valdigier, Durif), 5% Ruen (Shiroka Melnishka hybridized with Cabernet Sauvignon) and 5% Melnishki Rubin (different Shiroka Melnishka hybrid with Cabernet Sauvignon).

Our Tasting notes:  

Melnik Family Tree is a medium bodied wine, elegant and well balanced. Aroma of pine, spruce, juniper. Ripe and juicy wine with flavor of red fruits such as cherries, sour cherries and fruit pits. A finish that lasts impressively long. Wine is ready for consumption but also with a great aging potential.

Best with: 

red meat like beef steak, lamb, game (venison), casseroles, grouse, turkey

   Winemaker: Villa Melnik

   Region: Struma Valley

     Grape: 30% Shiroka Melnik Loza, 25% Melnik55, 25% Melnik 1300 Jubilee, 10% Melnik82, 5% Ruen, 5% Melnik Rubin

      Vintage: 2019

     Aging: 12 months, Bulgarian oak barrels

    Maturity: can drink now, but it has potential for ageing 2020 - 2028

     Closure: cork

       Alcohol: 14,5%

     Volume: 750 ml

    Serve:  16-18°C

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Villa Melnik - Melnik Family Tree 2020

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