Slavi select 6 summer top wines!

Summer doesn't always go as planned, but that's Belgium, right? As a Bulgarian I know that too. The winegrowers in Bulgaria, for example, are complaining about the unprecedented heat wave, which fortunately is gradually over. That is not good for nature and certainly not for the vines. And yet I hear that there is still no question of a less good year over there, so that's promising!

Mix Case - 6 summer top wines!
For this changeable summer I have selected 3 types of wines for you, a white, a red and a rosé, very varied, just like the weather!


Tsarev Brod Sepage 2019 – the new crop from a well-known one in our offer. A fresh, mouthful wine from the Danube Plain, where this type of wine is usually found! Good with fish, tapas and aperitif. The name “Sépage” stands for a blend of 4 grape varieties, Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Riesling and Traminer, which are picked at the same time AND TOGETHER in the vineyard! This method is also used in the Viennese vineyards and is called “Gemischter Satz”.


Symbiosis White 2020 – This wine from Bratanov family is the ultimate “symbiosis” between nature, wine grape varieties and people. Namely, "dry farming", so without spraying with water, no use of pesticides and herbicides and the natural fermentation with yeasts from our own vineyard. 3 grape varieties that complete the symbiosis: Viognier, Chardonnay and Tamianka! A natural wine without much blah blah on the label. Goes well with fish, BBQ, seasonal salads and as an aperitif.


Damyanov Melnik 2018 – this light, elegant wine with a nice concentration of fruit is an instant hit! Made from 100% Melnik, the Bulgarian Melnik grape, grown exclusively in the region of the same name 'Melnik', in southwestern Bulgaria. A culinary wine, with beautiful elegant Burgundy fruit, a very good structure and sufficient freshness. Combines well with vitello tonnato, red meat, BBQ or pan, pasta and mushroom dishes!

Bergulé Mavrud 2018 – this 2nd red wine in the selection also comes from the Melnik region. Villa Melnik makes excellent wines from the most typical Bulgarian grape – the Mavrud. Modern reading of that classic Bulgarian grape, with lots of fruit, less oak influence. So let the grape speak for itself, in short taste!


Edoardo Mirglio Rosé 2020 – Edoardo Miroglio wine cellar puts a lot of energy into making this top rosé with finesse and fracheur. Not just any rosé to have one in their range! The Bulgarian grape Melnik and Pinot Noir are fully responsible for this culinary rosé. Try it with fish and shellfish or with white meat (veal, turkey).

Tsarev Brod Rosé Evmolpia 2020 (Unfiltered) – this is a unique wine! Evmolpia is a Bulgarian grape variety, a cross between Merlot and Mavrud, selected in 1991. Tsarev Brod winery again shows a Bulgarian variety, which was somewhat neglected, with today only 90 ha of vineyard for this grape in Bulgaria. Thanks to the expert knowledge and experience with the variety, we can say that they have made a great original wine.

In general, the main characteristic of Rosé of the Evmolpia variety is a rich color and taste, quirky, with some citrus red fruit and fresh acidity. To preserve this richness, the wine is made unfiltered. Thanks to its beautiful acidity and elegant profile, this rosé goes well with many dishes, discover it for yourself!

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Mix case: 6 bubbles wines Edoardo Miroglio winery

And to complete the picture, a package of 6 bottles, 3 different types of bubbles, all Method Traditional (2nd fermentation in bottle) with a minimum of 24 months of bottle aging. Discover Edoardo Miroglio bubbles and convince yourself in the quality of these Bulgarian sparkling wines!

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