Bratanov winery

The people and the story:

In the period of 2005-2008 this family managed to plant 24 hectares of Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Rubin, Chardonnay and Tamianka. Not just like that, of course. Through analysis of the soils and the climate in the region they rediscovered what the locals already knew for centuries: the southern hills of the Sakar Mountains are one of the best areas in Europe to make wine. This region is pollution-free, away from any industrial production and full of natural soils. The ideal place to restart a small winery in 2010. Indeed, one in which the family maintains full control over the process of winemaking from the grape into the glass. Because this is what they bear in their hearts: the wine in the bottle has to be the SYMBIOSE between the land and the wine, between the grape varieties used and between a father and his sons. The successors have it in their genes. They transmit the character of their wine, generation to generation. Taste this wine, close your eyes and experience the tradition of this family for whom we have one word: respect!


"The most important is the grape to be strong to afford afterwards a minimal technological intervention.This requires intensive work in the vineyard," says oenologist Maria Stoeva. She started wine education in Bulgaria and with her talent she won a scholarship in France. So she acquired a French degree and experience in three wineries in Bordeaux, Burgundy and Chablis. Recently she took control of the entire winemaking at Bratanov. The family trusts her. They are "on the same wavelength" for the direction to develop a good wine: the "new wave" in the Bulgarian winery. As proved by using “Sur Lie” method in Chardonnay, it is the pure grape that is crucial for the taste and not the technical intervention nor the contact with oak barrels.

You find Bratanov wines under the following brands:

The natural symbiotic connection between the land and the vines, between the different grape varieties and between a father and his sons inspired the name of the first winery’s brand – SYMBIOSE (red, white and rosé) .
They express their belief that the next generation will continue the wine-making tradition through „The Successors“ wine series, each reflecting the character of their children, like Syrah Elitsa.
South Sakar Selection of Merlot & Syrah, two varieties, feeling good on the warm hills of Sakar, Bulgaria.
One of their best is surprisingly not a red wine, as expected from this region, but a white one coming from the local variety Tamianka ! This noble variety feels itself perfectly in the sunny hills of South Sakar. Bratanov winery is one of the few making of it a fine wine on world level. Tamianka Single Vineyards 2014 got an award – silver medal from the famous Decanter in London.