Damyanov Winery

Damyanov Winery

Winemaker info:

Region: Struma river valley, PGI Thracian Valley

Sub Region: Strumyani, Struma river valley

Winemaker: Nikolai Bakalov

Soils: clay, sandy, limestone 

Grape varieties: Broad leaved Melnik vine, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Age of vines: 35-45 years old

Brands: Damyanov, VNYRD

Annual production: 8 000 – 10 000 bottles !

An enthusiastic family behind the small treasure winery from Struma Valley also known as the Melnik region. Here long traditions meet modern approach in the vineyard ass well as in the winery. Working with respect for nature and preserving the authenticity of the region’s hero, the Melnik vine.


The Vineyards and region:

The winery is located at the heart of Struma river valley, in Strumyani village, 12 km away from the town of Sandanski, South Western Bulgaria. The family winery produces artisanal wines with individual character, expressing the family values, love and passion for wine. Vineyards are cultivated in a bio-friendly manner by applying “natural farming” and maintaining an attitude of deep respect towards land and nature.

Damynov’s vineyards are located in ecologically clean region characterized by the longest year-round sunshine period in Bulgaria, at 300 m altitude, with the majority of plots facing south. This creates perfect conditions for the cultivation of the signature grape varieties - Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and the unique and ancient Broad Leaved Melnik vine, typical only for this region.

The Damyanovs believe that quality wine is produced from quality grapes and follow consequently a strict philosophy of “less is more”. All grape-growing processes are meticulously controlled with an accent on quality instead of quantity.

By using mostly manual labor to take care of the vineyards, they make sure that each vine receives the necessary and specific care and attention needed. As a result, the grapes are of highest quality and possess excellent wine specifications. Read more

Damyanov Blend 2015

Damyanov Blend 2015

This wine is a beautifully layered and complex blend, representing the marriage of the unique Bulgar..

€ 15.00 Ex Tax: € 12.40

Damyanov VNYRD Melnik 2018

Damyanov VNYRD Melnik 2018

This wine is a pure expression of Broad leaved Melnik, harmonious and well-balanced. This Melnik win..

€ 11.80 Ex Tax: € 9.75

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