Borovitza winery

Borovitza winery
Region: North-west Bulgaria
Appellatie: Danube Plain PGI
Winemaker: Adraian Srebrinova
Brands: Great Terroirs, Canyon Park, Sensum

Quirky, characterful top wines from Northwest Bulgaria

One of the most prominent and beloved wine projects of Northwest Bulgaria. In the vicinity of Belogradchik is Borovitza Winery, mainly focused on making relatively limited quantities of wines with a pronounced character and the specificities of the terroir. Some of the vineyards are located next to and around the famous Belogradchik Rock Park, on red sand-stony ground.

"Less is more" - with limited quantities of grapes, Borovitza Winery comes with small production quantities which is good for the quality of the wine! Some vines are older than 60 years. The Borovitza project was born in 2005 and quickly conquered Bulgarian and foreign wine lovers and the press.

"I believe that crafting such distinctive wines is more a philosophy and a way of life than a business."
                                                                                                                                        Ognyan Tzvetanov, Ph.D.
Borovitza Winery - these  are Tzvetanov  and  Srebrinova , or  just  Mrs. and Miss Terroir.

A duet studied together, grew up together. He "dresses" wine with science, precise and precise. She looks at things more macro, organizationally and technologically. They are both corrective. Two people with one mission: To create great terroir wines that reflect the wild, remote region of northwestern Bulgaria. There is often no need for words. They regularly make their assistants laugh when one of ten samples has to be chosen. Ogj knows which one to choose, they all know, and yet they make these blind samples, so the boys have fun. Unfortunately, life decides otherwise.

All this happened in 2005

In terms of wine-making conditions, the region turns out to be a real gem - “North-Preserved”, as she likes to call it. Its unique potential often shocks foreign оenologists who visit it. "They can't believe we have gold that we walk on and don't use. A friend of ours planted a long strip of vineyard near Vidin, where you can see the terroir of all of France - from Burgundy through Bordeaux to the Loire Valley". Prerequisite for excellent vineyards. Presence of many caves, diverse soil, perfect climate for people and perennial crops. "It's warm during the day”, Srebrinova explains. The bunches manage to accumulate the degrees necessary for ripening. At night it is cool and the vineyards are resting. When it gets up in the evening, invariably, whether from the river or from the Balkans, cool air begins to blow. This temperature difference leads to the balance so sought by technologists. Man cannot create anything. He can keep, continue, develop, but he cannot create. Nature creates."

Borovitza Bella Rada 2022

Borovitza Bella Rada 2022

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Borovitza MRV 2021

Borovitza MRV 2021

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