Slavi select 6 Summer wines!

Bulgaria, a country rich in history and culture, also offers a wide range of unique and refined wines. Let's take a journey through some of Bulgaria's most beautiful wine regions and get acquainted with a selection of exceptional wines that will delight any wine lover.

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1. White: Odessos Dimyat Byala – Single Vineyard 2023

This refined wine is made from the Dimyat grape, an indigenous Bulgarian variety that is mainly found in the region around the Black Sea and the city of Varna. The wine is mineral, crisp, and beautifully fresh, with a low alcohol content of only 11%. Perfect as an aperitif or with a summer salad, seafood, raw fish, or a light lunch. Enjoy the elegant and refined taste of Odessos Dimyat Byala.

2. Red: Odessos Cabernet Franc Kavarna Single Vineyard 2022

Kavarna, located directly on the Black Sea coast, is known for its beautiful Golfclubs, breathtaking landscapes, and of course, its vineyards. This Cabernet Franc is the calling card of the young brothers Georgi and Vladislav, winemakers of the Odessos winery. The wine is super refined with plenty of freshness, pleasant fruitiness, and a lovely texture. An ideal wine for a light meal or dinner.

3. White: Tsarev Brod Gergana 2023

The Gergana grape, a unique variety from Northeastern Bulgaria, is a hybrid between Dimyat and Muscat Ottonel. This grape was almost forgotten, but thanks to the Tsarev Brod winery, which shows great respect for lesser-known grapes, it is now enjoying renewed popularity. With fine aromas, lower alcohol content, and a combination of freshness and complexity, this wine provides a surprising experience at the table. Ideal as an aperitif or with food.


4. Rosé: Tsarev Brod Orange Rosé Pinot Gris 2021

Ready for something different? Try the Orange Rosé from the Tsarev Brod winery, located in the northern Black Sea region. This unique rosé wine is perfect as an aperitif or with lunch and dinner. An extremely refreshing wine that perfectly opens any meal and pairs well with light snacks, pastas, seafood, and summer salads.

5. Rosé: Villa Melnik Aplauz Rosé 2021

Villa Melnik, located in the Struma Valley – Melnik region, presents a delicious rosé made from a 50/50 blend of Mavrud and Melnik grapes. This versatile wine pairs well with meat and BBQ, but also with grilled vegetables or spinach lasagna. A versatile wine that completes any meal.

6. Red: Damyanov Melnik 2019

In the deep southwest of Bulgaria, in the Struma Valley – Melnik region, winemaker Damyanov knows how to create a fresh and exciting red wine from the iconic Melnik grape. This wine is dry, fresh, and has a considerable present of ripe tannins, reminiscent of Nebbiolo-style wines. The vineyards are over 65 years old and are located at more than 500 meters above sea level, making this wine truly special.

Conclusion: Whether you are a fan of white, red, or rosé wines, Bulgaria offers a range of surprising and refined wines that are sure to delight you. From the fresh and mineral Dimyat to the unique Gergana and the complex Melnik, there is always a Bulgarian wine that suits your taste. Cheers to the discoveries that await you!