Wijnkoopgids 2019: Frank Van der Auwera selecte two of our Bulgarian Topwines

Wijnkoopgids 2019 - Bulgaarse Topwijnen

Every year Frank and his expert team taste over 3,000 wines that fall under the price tag of 15 euros.

From this they choose the 300 best wines under 15 euros, with also 30 sparkling wines and 60 party wines up to 15 euros. This selection is displayed in the Wijnkoopgids 2019!

Bulgarian Topwijnen takes part in this test panel for the first time and has become and has become a success! Two of our wines in the assortment, 1 white and 1 red wines were - according to Frank Van der Auwera - strongly considered. Verrsasen tasty

The following wines were selected by Frank Van der Auwera for his Wijnkoopgids 2019:

  Bratanov Tamianka Single Vineyard

  Merul Mavrud Reserve