• Elenovo Chardonnay Reserve 2019

The wine bears its name from Elenovo village, that has a PDO -status ‘Nova Zagora’ and is located in the Thracian Valley. Thracian valley is known for well made, full of flavours, well suited for fermentation and aging in oak premium white and red wines with potential of bottle again. Chardonnay is the variety most connected to the region. This Chardonnay wine is a typical example of premium Chardonnay from Southern Bulgaria. Selected from the best Vineyards plots and fine work with oak pays off.

Our tasting notes: 

This wine has a medium gold colour with green hues. Intensive nose with aromas of lemon, ripe stone fruit, mango and pineapple, cream, dried flowers, nuts and note of mineral- wet stone. The pallet is dry with high acidity, full body with creamy texture yet elegant and fresh. Flavours of citrus fruit, tropical fruit, ripe stone fruit and flowers, nuts – almond and cream - all together complex and very expressive. Memorable long and well-balanced finish.

Best with:

seafood dishes, mussels with light sauces, vegetable terrines and starters, light grilled fish, poultry dishes with mild sauces and seasoning, mid mature Camembert and Brie cheese.

Vintage 2019 - Top 10 and Gold Medal  - Chardonnay du Monde


  Winemaker: Edoardo Miroglio

 Region: PDO Nova Zagora, Thracian Valley

   Grape: 100% Chardonnay

   Vintage: 2019

  Vinification: 10 months in French oak barriques (225 l), 30% - new. Bottle ageing - minimum 3 months before release.

  Maturity: drink now, but has potential for bottle ageing

  Closure: cork

     Alcohol: 13,5%

  Serve: 10 - 12°C 

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Elenovo Chardonnay Reserve 2019

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